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Gymnastics Meet Updates

This page will showcase the most recent meet results for our competitive gymnasts! Scores will change each meet where applicable.


Nationals Results

Level 1

Charlie H. was the lone Level 1 down in NOLA with a fantastic end to her first competitive season! She placed 3rd in the nation on floor and 9th all-around!

Event Highs:

Vault: Charlie H. - 9.425

Bars: Charlie H. - 8.925

Beam: Charlie H. - 9.575

Floor: Charlie H. - 9.525

All-Around: Charlie H. - 37.45

Level 2

Hadley  K., Billy H., and Rylynn M. represented our Level 2 squad at Nationals! Billy brought home floor gold and Rylynn took home silver on vault and beam as well as bronze on floor, while Hadley set new personal bests! Congratulations girls!

Event Highs:

Vault: Billy H. - 9.6

Bars: Billy H. - 9.675

Beam: Rylynn M. - 9.725

Floor: Billy H. - 9.95 (With a 10.0 from one judge!)

All-Around: Billy H. - 38.825


Level 4

Mya S. was the only Level 4 repping Platinum colors last weekend, but that didn't stop her from becoming floor champion and beam bronze medalist! Way to go, Mya!

Event Highs:

Vault: Mya S. - 9.5

Bars: Mya S. - 8.825

Beam: Mya S. - 9.7

Floor: Mya S. - 9.725

All-Around: Mya S. - 37.75


Level 5

Riley T. and Kiki R. were our Level 5 reps at Nationals, Riley came home as the national runner-up on vault and floor as well as the bronze medalist on beam and the all-around! Kiki scored a HUGE 9.425 to cap off the competitive season. Awesome job, ladies!

Event Highs:

Vault: Riley T. - 9.5

Bars: Riley T. - 9.475

Beam: Riley T. - 9.65

Floor: Riley T. - 9.775

All-Around: Riley T. - 38.4

Level 6

Laney B. was the sole Level 6 representative, but she did what she does best and became a multiple national champion, bringing home the gold on vault, bars, floor and the all-around as well as silver on beam! Congratulations on a stellar season!

Event Highs:

Vault: Laney B. - 9.65

Bars: Laney B. - 9.75

Beam: Laney B. - 9.7

Floor: Laney B. - 9.75

All-Around: Laney B. - 38.85


Diamond, Level 8 & Level 9

Our upper levels started the weekend off in style as Wrigley B. ended her career with a 3rd place finish on vault as well as a 4th place finish on bars from Alicia C! Thank you for being such amazing role models, girls!

Event Highs:

Vault: Wrigley B. (D) - 9.475

Bars: McKenzie P. (D) - 8.8

Beam: McKenzie P. (D) - 9.45

Floor: Wrigley B. (D) - 9.575

All-Around: Wrigley B. (D) - 36.65


We had 4 lovely Gold ladies represent Platinum at Nationals- Audri G. came home as a national champion for the second year in a row, this time on bars as well as a silver medal on floor and a 4th place all-around finish! Emalin M. was crowned the 3rd place winner on floor, while Aubriella M. scored all 9s and Raelynn B. placed 5th in the Nation on beam! Congrats ladies!

Event Highs:

Vault: Audri G. - 9.525

Bars: Audri G. - 9.625

Beam: Raelynn B. - 9.35

Floor: Audri G. - 9.6

All-Around: Emalin M. - 36.95

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