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2023-2024 Clubs

Here visitors can see the amazing achievements of our team gymnasts who have joined the 9.0, 9.5, 35.0 & 37.0 clubs! We are so proud of all of our girls! #PlatinumPride

9.0 Vault Club

Jocelyn L, Mia W, Nya V, Billy H, Jolene S, Willow V, Claire K, Jade M, Lyliana B, Brynlee M, Riley T, Anna J, Lillyanne H, Josie S, Charlie H, Addison S, Gabby T, Rylynn M, Bella O, Brooklyn W, Leah W, Micha H, Kamryn K, Mya S, Maddie J, Laney B, Sonya K, Kayleigh H, Raelynn B, Morgan C, Lilli H, Kenzie K, Olivia C, Audri G, Lexi K, Avery S, Hadley L, Alivia S

9.0 Beam Club

Claire K, Morgan C, Brynlee M, Aria B, Jolene S, Raelynn B, Abby K, Mia W, Lyliana B, Kenzie K, Alivia S, Claire W, Leah W, Micha H, Kamryn K, Mya S, Maddy R, Hadley L, Anna B, Harper S, Charlotte D, Rylynn M, Nya V, Olivia C, Lexi K, Kiki R, Riley T, Emalin M, Avery S, Josie S, Charlie H, Aubree G, Laney B, Sonya K, Lillyanne H, Sonja D, Brooklyn W, Kennedy B

35.0 AA Club

Claire K, Jade M, Anna B, Morgan C, Abby K, Amelia K, Jocelyn L, Addison S, Mia W, Lyliana B, Lilli H, Brynlee M, Rylynn M, Nya V, Jolene S, Raelynn B, Maddie J, Willow V, Charlie H, Gabby T, Aria B, Kenzie K, Leah W, Micha H, Mya S, Dani F, Olivia C, Audri G, Kiki R, Riley T, Laney B, Josie S, Maddy R, Hadley L, Harper S, Brooklyn W, Kamryn K, Lillyanne H, Avery S, Bella O, Charlotte D, Billy H, Lexi K, Aubree G, Emalin M, Kayleigh H, Kennedy B, Kaidy T

9.0 Bars Club

Claire K, Anna B, Mia W, Rylynn M, Bella O, Nya V, Maddie J, Willow V, Abby K, Jocelyn L, Brynlee M, Raelynn B, Maddy R, Hadley L, Jade M, Avery S, Kennedy B, Gabby T, Hadley K, Sonja D, Laney B, Lyliana B, Lilli H, Brooklyn W, Audri G, Aubree G, Riley T, Amelia K, Harper S, Addison S, Jolene S, Mya S

9.0 Floor Club

Anna B, Kennedy B, Morgan C, Charlie H, Abby K, Amelia K, Jocelyn L, Harper S, Addison S, Gabby T, Kaidy T, Mia W, Lyliana B, Charlotte D, Lilli H, Brynlee M, Rylynn M, Bella O, Nya V, Brooklyn W, Aria B, Billy H, Kenzie K, Jolene S, Raelynn B, Phoebe C, Sonja D, Dani F, Maddie J, Lauren S, Willow V, Bri H, Claire K, Hadley L, Jade M, Micha H, Kamryn K, Olivia C, Lexi K, Kiki R, Riley T, Laney B, Kayleigh H, Lillyanne H, Tra'vyonna N, Josie S, Kylie C, Skyler K, Anna J, Avery S, Mya S, Emalin M, Sonya K, Audri G

9.5+ Vault Club

Claire K (9.5), Mia W (9.5), Claire K (9.6 x2), Riley T (9.55), Laney B (9.6), Riley T (9.575), Laney B (9.525), Jade M (9.5), Laney B (9.675), Abby K (9.5), Sonya K (9.5), Kenzie K (9.5), Mya S (9.6), Micha H (9.5), Riley T (9.5)

9.5+ Beam Club

Abby K (9.5), Nya V (9.55), Mia W (9.6), Kamryn K (9.5), Alexis K (9.55), Emalin M (9.575), Kaidy T (9.6), Mia W (9.5), Rylynn M (9.5)

37.0+ AA Club

Claire K (37.2), Claire K (37.4), Nya V (37.3), Claire K (37.575), Claire K (37.5), Mia W (37.3), Abby K (37.25), Rylynn M (37.25), Nya V (37.9), Riley T (37.55), Riley T (37.425), Jade M (37.0), Rylynn M (37.5), Claire K (37.8), Anna B (37.35), Abby K (37.55), Kaidy T (37.05), Mia W (37.2)

9.5+ Bars Club

Rylynn M (9.55), Nya V (9.6), Rylynn M (9.5), Abby K (9.5), Brynlee M (9.6), Nya V (9.525), Nya V (9.55), Jocelyn L (9.6)

9.5+ Floor Club

Claire K (9.55), Abby K (9.6 x2), Amelia K (9.5), Rylynn M (9.5 x2), Claire K (9.6), Laney B (9.575), Morgan C (9.6), Addison S (9.55), Nya V (9.6), Riley T (9.575), Skyler K (9.6), Olivia C (9.5), Mya S (9.5), Claire K (9.5), Kaidy T (9.5), Mia W (9.5)

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